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What Are Citations & How Will They Help Grow Your Business?

A citation is an online mention of a businesses name and contact information in online directories or websites. For example, a business listing its services in an online directory such as www.yellowpages.com is an example of one citation.

Put simply, Google and other search engines use business citations as a key factor in determining businesses search results ranking. Therefore, consistent and strategically placed citations will increase your businesses online presence, helping to grow your business!

We Tailor Your Citations For Maximum Results


After you choose your citations package, we take the time to get to know you and your business by inviting you to complete our order form.

We will then assign your order to the team most valuable to your business , based on their experience working with local businesses like yours in your industry and business location.

Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your citations are being carefully and strategically placed for maximum results!

Why Choose Us?


We are dedicated to providing the highest return on investment for our clients.

As such, (unlike many other citations services), your citations will not be rushed.

Our 5 stage process:

1. Order
2. Plan
3. Publish
4. Review
5. Results

ensures we only publish the most valuable citations for our clients.

Ultimately, this means you get more bang for your buck!

  • Get More Customers Online

    With the vast majority of customers now beginning their search for goods/services online, never has it been more valuable to increase your local businesses online visibility. Our citations service will help you do just that, whilst simultaneously improving your businesses reputation with Google and other search engines. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in traffic and customers for your business!

  • Fast Return On Investment

    After placing your order, our team will get to work right away! All citations are carefully planned out and then manually submitted on your behalf. You will receive a full submission report including screenshots showing where your citations have been placed within 10 days of your purchase. Many of our clients report a noticeable increase in traffic and customers within 7 days of their citations being delivered!

  • Saving Your Time

    Our highly skilled and experienced team will plan and publish your businesses strategically chosen citations efficiently, helping to grow your business whilst saving hours of your time in the process!

  • Affordable SEO For Your Local Business

    Having worked with many local businesses over the years, we know how difficult it can be for local businesses to compete with the "big boys" in their industries. That's why we are proud to help local businesses compete and grow their share of the market with our highly professional yet affordable citations service.

Our Process

Our 5 stage process used for all orders ensures our clients get maximum results from their citations.


Once you have chosen your package, we get to know your business by inviting you to complete our order form.


Once you have placed your order, the team specifically assigned to your business will take the time to carefully plan out and tailor your citations for maximum results.


Your businesses citations are then carefully published. We ensure that your citations are only included in directories that are indexed in search engines.


One of our senior SEO consultants will review each order for complete NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency across all citations.


Once we are 100% happy with your citations, we will send you your submission report along with a PDF document with screenshots showing each submission made. We aim to deliver all orders within 10 days of the order being placed.

25 Citations



100% Manually Submitted Citations

Full Submission Report

Submission Screenshots

All Directory Login Details Provided

US, Canada, UK, & Australia Based

Results Delivered Within 10 Days After Order


100 Citations



100% Manually Submitted Citations

Full Submission Report

Submission Screenshots

All Directory Login Details Provided

US, Canada, UK, & Australia Based

Results Delivered Within 10 Days After Order

50 Citations



100% Manually Submitted Citations

Full Submission Report

Submission Screenshots

All Directory Login Details Provided

US, Canada, UK & Australia Based

Results Delivered Within 10 Days After Order

Client Testimonials

Really impressed with the results of my order. The results were delivered promptly (6 days after I ordered), and I have noticed a significant increase in calls and emails from customers requiring our services after purchasing the service (I ordered the 25 citations package). 

Carol Linch .............


After opening a new local beauty salon I knew the importance of gaining exposure for the business online, but did not know where to start! SEO Jets have made the whole process extremely simple and have provided a really welcome boost for my new business!

Michelle Hernandez

Beauty Salon Owner

I outsource my SEO to SEO Jets and they have been brilliant in delivering a high quality service on time. I purchased the service (100 citations package) after conversing with Adam from the company over email. The service has really helped my business grow quickly.

James Rose . M


I was looking for someone to put my business "on the map" online so more people can get in touch with me and SEO Jets citations service has done it very well. The increase in customers I have seen since ordering their service has really surprised me. Thank you.

Robert Hooker . M



We pride ourselves on helping local businesses compete and ensuring they are fully satisfied with our services. This is why we are seeing more and more businesses switch to us every day!

In fact, we believe in the quality of our services that much that we’re prepared to make your first order completely risk free.

Simply place an order with us and if you are not fully satisfied with your order, we will provide a full refund to you and remove the citations we have placed.

No hard feelings just a 100% money back guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when placing your order form you will be asked to complete fields providing us with the information we require to publish your businesses NAP information. All of your citations will be reviewed to ensure consistent NAP publication. 

Of course, we will screenshot every single citation/submission made.  We will send these screenshots over email in a PDF document once your order has been completed. 

We will also send you all of the login details for the online directories your business has been published in, meaning you can easily login at a later date and amend any details as required.

During the "Tailor" stage of our process, our team will review directories for your businesses details. This ensures that we never duplicate citation listings. 

Upon completion, expect around 70% of directory listings to be live. Different online directories have various rules regarding acceptance, and your business may be subject to a longer review process. We don’t guarantee all submissions will result in a live placement upon completion because of these variables, but rest assured knowing that your listings will be live in due course.  The submission report provided to you upon completion of your order will show screenshots of any submissions that may not have resulted in a live placement at the time the report is produced.

We can submit citations to online directories in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. Therefore, our service is only suitable for local businesses based in these countries. 

We’ll require all of your basic business information such including your Business's Name, Address, Contact Information, Website, Business Owner Name etc. We also ask for additional information in order to tailor your citations for maximum results. Therefore, on our order form we also invite you to provide a brief description of your business, and to provide the main search terms/keywords associated with your business.


We’ll request everything we need during the order process!


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at: